Basketball star LeBron James has received heavy backlash and criticism on social media after posting an image of the hero police officer that saved the life of a young black girl, captioning the image with ‘YOU’RE NEXT. #ACCOUNTABILITY.’

He was triggered into posting this image after an Ohio police officer shot dead a 16-year-old black girl, who was attempting to stab and potentially kill another young black girl.

James deleted the tweet two hours after the original post, yet tweeted two more times after, defending his position and refusing to apologize.

The Tweets

Almost 24 hours after a police officer saved the life of an unarmed black girl, LeBron James took to his enormous Twitter following to post an image of the officer, proclaiming that he is next, after former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted for murdering George Floyd.

He then deleted this tweet after receiving an unprecedented amount of backlash from both sides of the political aisle.

However, upon deleting the tweet, James then returned to the platform to defend his comments against criticism but still refused to apologize.

James tweeted that ‘anger doesn’t do anyone good,’ including himself, before going onto proclaim that his thoughts and sympathies were with the girl’s family after her death.

He continued, praying for ‘justice to prevail’ in this case, despite the fact the girl who died was about to murder somebody else.

He carried on, stating that he was ‘so damn tired of seeing black people being killed by police,’ before attacking the policing and judicial system.

James finishes off his ill-informed rant by claiming he is ‘desperate for accountability.’

The Backlash

The backlash against his tweets came thick and fast, even with Senators commenting on the words of LeBron James.

Sen. Tom Cotton responded to the original tweet that was taken down, claiming the NBA star had incited violence against the hero police officer.

He stated that James’ tweet was ‘disgraceful and dangerous,’ before questioning if the NBA or Twitter were ok with him inciting violence.

James even took flak from the sporting community which he is supposed to represent, with commentators Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock.

Travis questioned if James had even watched the bodycam footage, which showed the police officer shooting the girl who was attempting to stab and kill someone.

Whitlock was also fierce in his attack of James, labeling him as part of the elites who seek to use racial division to ‘reshape America to be more like communist China.’

James is still yet to apologize for his tweets and the NBA, nor Twitter, have made no comment regarding the situation and potential incitement of violence from the multi-million dollar athlete.