Distraught parents held a press conference on Tuesday outside the 21st Judicial Circuit Court in St. Louis, Missouri, in order to share their stories regarding the alleged corruption that plagues the family courts.

Parents cited what they believed to be an ‘egregious abuse of power’ within the family court system, which reached as far back as the previously esteemed guardian ad litem (GAL) program, which serves to represent and protect children.

During the press conference, three former child abuse victims stood side by side with the parents to also share the pain that they suffered at the hands of abusers, molesters and supposed court ‘guardians.’

However, these harrowing accounts were entirely ignored by local media outlets, who were in attendance at the press conference, but decided not to run the story.

The accounts

Evita Tolu was the first to address the media that had gathered to listen and to record the accounts of those who had been abused by the family court system in St. Louis.

Tolu became a high-profile case against the court, when she filed a lawsuit against her GAL Elaine Pudlowski, as well as psychologist Dr. James Reid, who she accuses of using her case in the family court in order to make a profit.

She addressed the crowd, before inviting parents and other victims to speak and have their voices heard.

First up was Courtney Nolan, who read a statement on behalf of a parent who was unable to attend the event.

The statement claimed that the courts treat animals better than they do children, before claiming that children are being ‘raped, beaten, brainwashed, drugged, murdered, and permanently damaged as a direct result of the court process, with many taking their own lives due to living in fear.

Kirsten Dobson was next up, claiming that her court guardian, Brian Dunlap, had kidnapped her child at the age of five, after they disclosed information about sexual abuse.

Dobson claims that nobody in the court believed the story, and stated that the court relieved her of her custody over her own child, before placing the child with the alleged abuser.

Brad Fercho was next to speak.

Brad, who is a former CEO and a father that went through the St. Louis divorce court, stated that he believed the courts were entirely corrupt.

He asked a simple question that fell silent on deaf ears, wanting to know why all 31 judges decided to recuse themselves from a case that shone a light on the corruption in the GAL program.

He claimed that the courts only took cases under the GAL program in order to make a profit for the GALs and for the health professionals, who would be paid handsome sums of money for taking cases.

Cindy Haynes was next to share her story.

She stated that her child, Mikaela, took her own life due to the failings of the court.

Mikaela was the victim of sexual abuse by her own father, who was convicted and jailed after he raped her sister, Melissa.

She stated that Mikaela had left the family a suicide note, in which she simply told her loved ones that she couldn’t deal with the process any longer.

Ticking time bombs

Dobson underscored Mikaela’s story as one of the biggest ones around, accusing the court of being complicit in the deaths of young children.

She stated that the traumas suffered by the survivors will turn them into ‘ticking time bombs’ that will affect everyone in the long term.

Kenneth Rosa, a member of The Father’s Rights Movement, highlighted the leaked information that kicked off this controversy.

He referenced the importance of a video posted to YouTube by investigative journalist Michael Volpe, a video call that shows 39 attorneys and GALS conspiring their corruption.

He then spoke about his own experience with the GALS, Elaine Pudlowski to be precise.

He stated that she ‘destroyed his two children’s lives’ by forcing them into the custody of their abusive mother.

Rosa then claims that the court, the GALS and the health professionals all seek to drain the bank accounts of their clients before giving any actual insight and work into the case.

The corruption at the St. Louis family courts is coming into the spotlight more and more every day, giving hope that, those who profit from the tragic situations some families have to endure, will be brought to justice.