Black Lives Matter doesn’t really want justice. It wants revenge.

The members of Black Lives Matter have been primed to see white people as the source of all evil. Nothing short of the complete destruction of white America and their own ascension to power will satisfy them.

Following the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on all counts in relation to the death of George Floyd, there was jubilation in the streets. After witnesses for the defense were threatened, jurors were harassed and intimidated and the threat of further rioting hung over Minneapolis like a dark cloud, Chauvin was finally convicted. He may face up to 75 years in prison.

However, as has increasingly become the habit among members of elite-driven left-wing organizations, after Chauvin’s conviction was announced, BLM activists were caught saying the quiet part out loud.

It Will Never Be Enough

To get a read on the kinds of sentiments prevailing among the BLM-affiliated crowd in Minneapolis upon Chauvin’s conviction, independent journalist Drew Hernandez began prowling the streets of Minneapolis and interviewing BLM supporters.

Knowing that the mainstream media would bend over backward to cover up anything that was unflattering or shocking about these people’s words and reactions, Hernandez wanted to have records of what these people really believed. And some of what he found, while bloodcurdling, is really only shocking to those who still do not understand what Black Lives Matter is truly about.

“Yes, we can defund the police,” one BLM supporter said to Hernandez, “And maybe one day, we will abolish the police, but we ain’t gonna do shit unless we have control over them. That is the number one thing right now…”

There it is. All of the pious calls for “justice,” “police accountability” and “racial equity” are, when all is said and done, merely smokescreens for the activists’ own primitive drives for power. To them, “the most important thing” is “control.”

The most revealing comment, however, was this one: “We’re not, we’re never gonna be satisfied. Black Lives Matter isn’t a trend. It’s a movement. Black Lives Matter forever, okay?”

In a word, these protestors don’t have tangible political goals. Their identities are tied up with the “movement,” meaning that the “movement” must always have something to do. The problem of “racism” must never be allowed to go away because if it ever does, these people won’t know what to do with themselves.