A shooting in Columbus, Ohio, has once again unnecessarily shown cops in a bad light due to a quick rush to judgment. Yesterday, the news broke of an incident involving the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old Black girl. Before the facts had even been released, many on the internet rushed in judgment to criticize the officer involved.

Details of Incident

What many people who are condemning this officer have not realized is that it is highly likely that the shooting will end up being proven as justified. The girl was killed after she was discovered brandishing a knife and attempting to injure another girl with it. This evidence was later confirmed by body-cam footage released by the Columbus Police Department.

Defenders of the officer in question say that this situation would have not been controlled through the use of a taser. When another individual is obviously at risk of injury by someone with a weapon in hand, quick action must be taken.

Protests Begin Immediately

Even before these facts had been revealed, many people immediately took to the streets to protest the justified shooting. This is yet another example of the groupthink that happens when just a handful of individuals jump to conclusions before knowing the facts.

This begs the question — is it worth it for police in blue states to continually put their own lives and careers at risk when they are always prematurely judged for hard decisions they need to make in the heat of the moment? Nobody would fault a cop for leaving the profession at this point. Clearly, this is not good for the country overall.