Martin Pistorius was a normal South African boy, much like any other growing up in that country. However, one day, when he was 12 years old, he fell ill.

His condition continued to worsen until eventually he fell into a coma. As you can imagine, this utterly devastated his family. However, 13 years later, Martin somehow woke up and emerged from his coma. This was astonishing enough, but what Martin had to say upon reemerging from his comatose state was perhaps even more shocking.

A Miraculous Story

When Martin Pistorius initially became sick, the speed of his decline shocked and horrified his parents. The fact that no one could determine the cause of his declining condition mystified his doctors.

He lost the ability to speak, became wheelchair-bound and paralyzed and, eventually, drifted into a coma The medical staff fully expected him to die quickly, but he clung to life for an incredible 13 years.

Upon fully emerging from his coma and regaining the ability to speak, however, Pistorius revealed to a stunned world that he had actually been conscious and aware for years.

In short, Pistorius’ mind was more-or-less fully functional. However, his body was trapped in a comatose state. He could not move, speak, communicate or otherwise react to anything that anyone around him was doing for many years.

He described the horrendous feelings of loneliness and isolation that afflicted him.

He described enduring crushing boredom and how he had to watch the same TV shows over and over. He had to have conversations with himself in his own mind, imagining things in a desperate bid to keep himself stimulated so that he wouldn’t go insane or fall into despair.

He tried everything he could to alert his caretakers to the fact that he was awake but all to no avail.

In 2001, however, Pistorius encountered an incredible stroke of good luck. A new healthcare worker at the hospital where he was kept noticed that he was showing signs of awareness. She prompted others to have him brought to the Center of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. There, he was checked more thoroughly and finally given equipment that would help him learn to communicate again.

Eventually, he would learn to read, write, socialize, push himself around in his wheelchair and do many other things. He even embarked on a successful career as a web designer.

In 2008, he even met a woman named Joanna, and they hit it off immediately. The following year, they were married.

All in all, Martin Pistorius’ story is a truly extraordinary one, full of heartbreak and pain but also good fortune, perseverance, strength of will, rebirth, and finally, love.