Throughout the past few weeks, there were a lot of controversies regarding the election law in Georgia, which left referred to as ‘the act of white supremacists’.

After the law was ratified by the Governor of Georgia, many celebrities and companies, in cooperation with mainstream media, publicly opposed the law, which would supposedly strengthen the Republican position in this swing state.

Among these is the CEO of Coca Cola who suggested that the latest voting regulations are unacceptable and racist.

Surprisingly, instead of receiving support from the citizens of Georgia for his “anti-racist” claims, as the company’s executive predicted, the Coca-Cola company is witnessing a decrease in popularity.

Coca-Cola is not the only company that has opposed the Georgia Election Law

The leftist offensive started with the Major Baseball League, which proclaimed that they will not organize the All-Star game in Georgia, causing a huge economic blow to this federal state.

According to MLB representatives, they oppose the law as it is against people of color, although the law is highly affirmative for all members of the community.

The All-Star game was moved to Denver, a “lily-white” proclaimed city, once again proving how democrats love to strongarm opponents.

However, Coca-Cola isn’t the only ‘giant’ that had something to say about the election law.

The CEO of Delta Airlines, Edward Bastian made claims that the law is racist without mentioning that he is among the people involved in the making of these regulations.

As of the Holywood stars, Will Smith, an actor, and a film producer announced that he will cancel his movie projects in Georgia and two other “white supremacist” states.

Coca-Cola popularity story

Driven by the trend to stand against the Georgia election law, James Quincy, CEO of Coca Cola suggested that he and his company were against these regulations right off the bat.

He continued by claiming that Coca-Cola waited that the law is passed so that they can present their public stance.

Surprisingly, the reaction to his statement isn’t the best.

In the past couple of days, Coca-Cola has witnessed a massive decrease in popularity.

A few days after Quincy spoke against the Georgia election law the Rasmussen Reports performed a survey to reveal the public reaction.

Not only do the Republicans oppose the Coca-Cola stance on effective regulations but also a high percentage of women (34%) and people of color (33%) have something negative to say about Coca-Cola statements.

The fact that the Afro-Americans are opposing the partisan stances against the Georgia election law shows that Biden and the preachers of BLM lost their course.