The esteemed Dr. Ben Carson was on the receiving end of a stern warning by Fox News host Neil Cavuto during his live interview, after he brought up the positive impacts that the low-priced Hydroxychloroquine drug has had when used as a treatment for Covid-19.

Cavuto, who clearly believed that he knew better than the experienced Dr. Carson, interrupted him multiple times to tell viewers that the drug can have some dangerous effects, despite a literal doctor telling him otherwise.

The Interview

Cavuto kicked off the interview by asking Carson to explain his thoughts on the current progress that the US is making with regards to vaccinating the entire population.

Carson explained how he thought that the country was making terrific progress with vaccination efforts after President Joe Biden tweeted this week claiming that the US had hit his target of 200 million jabs in his first 100 days. However, Carson moved on to discuss the troubling impact that the involvement of politics has had on vaccination programs not just in the US, but in the UK and the EU, where the AstraZeneca rollout had been suspended and then limited due to very rare blood clots.

He states that the politicization of vaccines has led to many in the general public being skeptical whenever members of the NIH and the CDC open their mouths.

He then went on to discuss how he believed that vaccinations were the only way out of this crisis, labeling them as the only true cure for Covid-19.

This is where he referenced the Hydroxychloroquine drug, stating that it is often used in Western Africa, where the impact of Covid-19 has been significantly less.

The Interruption

This is when Cavuto decided to weigh in with his renowned expertise in the medical field.

He leaped into the spotlight, warning about the potential dangers of using Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19.

He claimed that a lot of leading medical experts, including Dr. Carson, were wrong about the drug, before suggesting that the supporters of former President Donald Trump were the reason for low vaccination uptake.

Carson then came back to the issue of politics being injected into the vaccination program, before again referencing the benefits that Hydroxychloroquine can have when used as a Covid treatment.

Cavuto intervened again, this time warning viewers with heart conditions not to take the drug.

Carson then told him that the issue surrounding the politicization of vaccines and treatments is that there is only ever one solution on the table, not multiple.

He referenced the silence of herd immunity, before listing vaccines and drugs that are helpful in the fight against Covid-19.