How does this sound?

9 Big Macs, or 12 smaller burgers per year?

Or if you prefer steak over McDonald’s burgers, how do you feel about the idea of government-mandated meat consumption!?

Well, thanks to the Biden administration, your barbecue parties could now become a thing of the past!

Saving the planet by making you hungry?

Considering that Americans consume over 220 Lbs. meat per year, Biden’s plan to limit meat consumption to 4 Lbs. per year seems pretty unrealistic. At least for now.

However, President Biden is not giving up on his ‘zero carbon emissions’ policy, which his ‘expert’ team estimates the US should reach by 2050, although they did not explain how to solve the problem of human respiration which also produces - carbon dioxide.

Maybe by mandating how many people should live, or who and when can breathe?

In his address to the media, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack tried to explain the basic guidelines of this policy, which would give priority to afforestation and biofuel production, while more than 2 million farmers would be left at the mercy of welfare incentives.

Global warming? Blame it on the - cows?!

$ 1.109 trillion, or more than 5% of U.S. GDP, is an essential part of the U.S. economy.

It is realistic to expect that Biden’s policy might cause immeasurable damage, as we have learned from the past, such as the Oprah Winfrey vs cattle industry case, when the host caused huge damage to American farmers by sharing misinformation about cow disease.

The question is, what is the reason for the reduction in consumption of beef by 90%, and other meat products such as chicken, lamb, and pork by 50%?

The Biden administration believes that cows are one of the main culprits for global warming and that by reducing their breeding, gas emissions will be drastically reduced.

However, scientific research challenges the importance of cow farts (literally, we are talking about cow farts) on the ecological impact on our planet.

Research shows that if all poultry and livestock were removed from the planet overnight, the percentage of greenhouse gases would be reduced by less than 0.4%!

So, what can we expect if Biden’s announcements come true?

Well, 2 million unemployed farmers, no change in global warming, and millions of disgruntled vegans and vegetarians who will no longer be special in any way.

Oh, and of course - fewer grill parties.