On Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz, alongside Senators Marsha Blackburn and Lindsey Graham, held a press conference outside the Supreme Court to discuss an issue that has been hot in the press in recent months; court-packing.

Whilst debating the highly controversial issue, a Georgetown law student decided to get in on the act, labeling Senator Cruz as a ‘hypocrite’ on court-packing.

However, the Senator kept his composure and sent the law student packing, rebuking every point he made with ease.

The student kept on badgering the Senators throughout the event, with even more efforts being made by his law professor on social media.

Naturally, this didn’t end well for the pair of them.

Court Packing

The issue of court-packing was one of great debate over the 2020 election period, after the passing of legendary Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

President Donald Trump made it crystal clear that her replacement would be nominated and the necessary confirmation hearings completed before election day, a proposal that angered Democrats to the core.

They accused President Trump of wanting to pack the courts, replacing the left-leaning Ginsburg with a more conservative candidate right before the election.

However, now that the Democrats are in power, they too are facing the same questions regarding packing the courts, a policy that President Joe Biden repeatedly denied enacting throughout his 2020 campaign.

To get around this, the Democrats just simply altered the definition of court-packing to suit their interests; labeling it as ‘filling missing vacancies.’

This change of language gained so much momentum that even Dictionary.com updated their definition of court-packing, telling the public that ‘language evolves.’

All of this effort just to ensure that President Biden doesn’t become the greatest hypocrite to ever hold national office, as his recent executive order allows for the creation of a committee to review the possibility of expanding the Supreme Court from 9 Justices to 13, an extra 4 positions that the Democrats will be able to fill over the next few years…i.e., court-packing.

The Presser

All of this court-packing business leads the country to focus its attention on a law student who thought he could embarrass Ted Cruz on Thursday afternoon.

Senators Cruz, Blackburn, and Graham held a presser outside the Supreme Court to discuss the issues with packing the court, and what dangerous precedents such action sets for future administrations.

The student tried to argue to Senator Cruz that the Republicans not allowing an Obama nominated judge to enter the court in 2016, just to then fill that position with a Trump nominated judge after the election is the same as court-packing.

Hint, it isn’t.

However, to make matters worse for the student, his Twitter blue checkmark professor decided to get in on the act, stating on the social media site that he was proud of his student for ‘giving Cruz hell.’

After facing significant backlash for his tweet, the professor later stated that he actually taught the student that there is no difference between filling court vacancies and adding more judges, effectively accidentally admitting that he teaches his classes the wrong information like a typical left-wing professor would.

This later got the attention of Senator Cruz, who replied to the professor, pointing out his horrendous errors for all to see.

Give ‘em hell, Ted.