We’re already used to the mainstream media twisting the truth, especially in the case of Donald Trump and other high-level Republican figures.

Throughout the 2020 election, we have seen that the principles of journalistic objectivity, the very foundation of journalism, is long dead and that the leaders of major media outlets do not hesitate to lie in an effort to protect their interests and ‘push’ the narrative of a political option that suits them best.

The latest case of misinforming saw the light of day this week, when Politico and HuffPost published an article, reminding us of the alleged Trump’s ‘gaffe’, according to which the former president seriously advocated injecting bleach as a method of fighting coronavirus.

The origin of the story

It all started shortly after the start of the pandemic, when leading people in science and politics jointly sought a solution that could prevent the pandemic from spreading.

During the White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing, Trump mentioned that disinfectants kill viruses very effectively, and that it would be interesting to explore the idea of some kind of internal disinfection of the body.

It did not take the media long to twist the president’s words, trying to portray the president as an ignorant and unstable person who has no idea what he is talking about, although Trump said at the same press conference that there was no talk of the idea of internal disinfection being implemented by injecting.

That didn’t stop the outlets from publishing the fake story in the following weeks.

Almost all the media reported on Trump’s alleged ‘plan’ to inject bleach into the body, and based on that story, created hundreds of additional articles with various health workers and scientists, who, of course, said that such an act would be toxic and potentially deadly.

Consequently, social media users prompted by this fake news began to believe that Trump had indeed lost his sanity, which further contributed to the spread of total nonsense and lies with which the former president had nothing to do.

The media is not giving up on attacking Trump

Of course, in response to a reporter who completely misunderstood the president’s idea and who himself combined bleach with injections, Trump explicitly said there would be no injection of such products into the human body.

Although Trump is the author of a policy that makes the United States one of the highest vaccination rate countries in the world, the mainstream media does not give up.

The persistent repetition of lies strikes again, this time a year after the event itself, in the publication of articles on two left-wing portals, which decided to repeat a lie one more time, hoping that a thousand times repeated lie will become truth.

However, there’s one more saying that they forget about: “Don’t lie unless you are absolutely sure that someone might find out the truth”.