Well, it turns out not all Democrats are as rosy as they’d want you to believe.

Representative Jewell Jones of Michigan was arrested at the start of the month after he drove down the I-96 under the influence of alcohol before crashing his car into a ditch.

This resulted in the state Rep resisting arrest from two officers that were sent to the scene.

Events escalated so much that Jones even begged the officers to shoot him if they wanted to take his arm and put him in cuffs.

Now, dashcam footage of the event has been released by Michigan State Police, revealing the true extent of his actions whilst resisting arrest.

The full events

It was widely reported before the crash took place, that Jones had driven around 50 miles in total, resulting in numerous 911 calls being made as he drove down I-96 the wrong way before flipping his car off-road and into a ditch.

When the first responders arrived on the scene, Jones, and a woman in the passenger seat, were both found with their pants down and completely intoxicated.

Jones identified himself and his passenger to the paramedics as ‘people of importance.’

Paramedics report that the women in the passenger seat was virtually unresponsive when they found them.

Police then arrived at the scene, which appeared to strike a nerve with the drunk Representative, who had been driving at 2X the legal limit whilst having a handgun concealed in his car.

The dashcam footage released over the weekend shows the true extent of the confrontation.

Jones begged officers to shoot him!

The bulk of the footage displays the two arresting officers attempting to take Jones down to the ground after the Representative refused to give up his ID and driver’s license.

The officers took him down, with the subsequent police report revealing that officers had tasered and pepper-sprayed him to force him down to the ground.

It was at this point, whilst being restrained by the two officers, that Jones effectively begged them to shoot him if they want to put him in handcuffs, saying to them that he would not give them his arms unless they shot him.

At other points in the video, Jones can be heard bragging to officers about be state rep, claiming that he ran their budgets, and threatening to call Governor Whitmer unless they let him go.

Well, it’s good to see Jones enjoying himself, especially as the state of Michigan remains in lockdown.

However, unlucky for him, he spent the night in jail on April 6th and is now facing felony charges of obstructing officers and resisting arrest, as well as reckless driving and possession of a weapon while under the influence.