The United Methodist Church (UMC) is in turmoil at the moment, as conservative Methodists have been dishing out threats to split away over their concerns about the teachings of homosexuality.

The UMC, which is the third-largest Christian denomination throughout the US, now faces the possibility of being confronted by the breakaway conservative group known as the Global Methodist Church (GMC).

According to the Christian Post, the GMC consists of a 17-member ‘Transitional Leadership Council’ to aid the group in their breakaway from the UMC.

The Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA), who are also predominately made up of conservative Methodists, announced the formation of the GMC at the beginning of March, yet are still waiting for the UMC to approve a separation policy for the group.

The Statements

The WCA stated in a press release that there are conservative Methodists within the UMC have made ‘no secret’ of their desire to break away and form their own church.

The statement continued, explaining how the WCA has contributed and looked into the possibility and viability of the GMC having success.

They state that, in 2018, the WCA launched the Next Steps Working Group, which would set out to create a ‘Book of Doctrines and Discipline’ that would outline essential governing structures and theological confessions for any new church to consider.

They stated that these actions were taken shortly before the 2019 General Conference, which was due to address issues that had caused a deep divide in the UMC for several decades.

The statement concluded by declaring that this conference was called to find a way to resolve differences between delegates, but instead, it just paved the way for groups to separate from the UMC.

Reverend Keith Boyette, who is the chairman of the Transitional Leadership Council, added that ‘hundreds of people’ who have worked faithfully have arrived at a similar point of being swayed by the idea of separation.

He then shared his vision for the newly formed GMC, stating that their primary mission is to ‘make disciples of Jesus Christ’ who will worship the faith ‘passionately.’