There have been rumors circulating for some time now that former Olympic athlete, reality TV star and transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner would run for Governor of California.

Now, it’s official. Jenner has announced on April 23 that she will be running for California Governor. The announcement was made via a press release that was posted to Twitter.

Jenner as California Governor?

Those familiar with recent developments in California politics may be aware that there will almost certainly be a recall election taking place soon for the office of governor. In order to trigger a recall election, 1.459 million verified signatures must be appended to a recall petition. So far, 1.2 million such signatures have been verified, and it appears to be only a matter of time before the required threshold is crossed.

Californians have been chafing under the yoke of Governor Gavin Newsom’s lockdown orders, which have prohibited countless businesses in the state from operating and countless people from working, supporting their families and generally living their lives.

Even worse, Newsom’s flagrant hypocrisy throughout has made Californians especially furious.

While prohibiting ordinary Californian children from attending public schools in person, Newsom saw fit to send his own children to expensive private schools for in-person learning.

While issuing sanctimonious orders prohibiting Californians from gathering in large groups and seeking to micromanage whatever gatherings did take place, Newsom saw fit to eat massless at fancy French restaurants while surrounded by his rich friends.

While keeping countless small businesses closed, he allowed larger companies — who, not coincidentally, also happened to donate to Newsom’s campaign — to operate.

In her press release, Jenner says that she will run as a Republican on a “socially liberal, fiscally conservative” platform. She has even already hired a team of pollsters and strategists to lend some gravitas to the whole affair.

As can be expected, the ranks of these pollsters and campaign operatives will be made up of the usual grifters that are found in most political campaigns. One of these is Steven Cheung, who worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger during his 2003 recall campaign. Another is Brad Parscale, a former Trump campaign manager who, despite not having any official titles in Jenner’s campaign, will certainly have an advisory role.

While it’s certainly possible that Jenner’s fame and name recognition could give her a shot at victory, a significant number of people are not impressed and view the entire campaign and announcement as a blatant act of self-promotion. After all, there are other established Republican politicians who will also be running in the recall election, like San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer.

It remains to be seen what will happen, but this event only adds to the circus-like atmosphere that has already pervaded all of both 2020 and 2021.