Contemporary progressivism is a bizarre kind of secular religious cult, complete with its own demonology, its own special concepts of sin and original sin, its own ideas about how to achieve salvation and its own pantheon of saints.

Now that Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all counts in relation to the death of George Floyd, a strange sort of shrine has been erected in the area in Minneapolis where Floyd died, apparently so that pilgrims may go there and pay their respects to the fallen martyr.

There’s just one problem: The area has swiftly erupted into a crime-ridden mess. For those unfortunate enough to either live or run businesses there, it has become like hell on earth.

The George Floyd Memorial Disaster

Outsiders have been pouring into the corner of 38th St. and Chicago Ave. in Minneapolis, now known as George Floyd Square, the area which contains the newly erected shrine to George Floyd. As this has happened, crime has spiked and is now off the charts.

Ironically enough, black-owned businesses in the area have been hit especially hard by the crime problem. Black merchants have struggled to operate in the area. Their stores and other businesses have been looted, they have suffered sharply declining revenues and they are exposed to constant violence.

In fact, these very people are now pleading with the police to intervene and help clear the criminals out of the area. Instead, the police have chosen — undoubtedly under the orders of city or state officials — to block off the intersection and create an autonomous zone in the square much like the one that emerged in a part of Seattle some time ago.

Surveying this pitiful scene, one need only recall the cries of activists to defund or abolish the police in Minneapolis and then observe the real-world consequences of that policy unfolding right before our very eyes in George Floyd Square.

Even worse, many business owners and residents in the area — who, again, are predominantly black — are afraid to speak out publicly about what is going on because they expect to become targeted for reprisals if they do so. There are also reports that vigilantes — that is, de fact warlords — are preventing police from entering the area and arresting criminals.

All the while, the area is being used as a political stage prop for BLM and associated left-wing groups.

Combined with last year’s riots — and the future riots that are still sure to come — this chaos and madness in Minneapolis provides more than sufficient justification for any honest person to label BLM a domestic terrorist organization.

But, as is obvious, the country’s elites and the media class all support BLM. That’s why you won’t hear about any of this unfolding lunacy from the mainstream media.