For Saturday Night Live, the turbulent political events of last year’s election season made it so that the jokes and the sketches virtually wrote themselves. Amazingly, though, SNL continues to remain funny even into 2021, and new hilarious episodes continue to await fans even during this latest of seasons.

SNL, as many of us know, has been around for what seems like forever. It premiered all the way back on October 11, 1975. Over time, it became not just the largest name in the business of sketch comedy, but a mainstay of American culture itself.

Comedy legends from Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor to Will Farrell and Mike Myers all worked on SNL at one time or another, and in many cases, these comedians made their names and reputations through the show.

With so much history behind it, it’s impressive that SNL is still on the air at all. But the show is more than just surviving. In fact, sketch comedy in general is thriving.

New Season, New Laughs

The latest season of SNL kicked off on January 30, 2021, hosted by John Krasinski and graced by Machine Gun Kelly as its musical guest.

The new season has been following a regular schedule of airing new episodes, but on Saturday, April 24, there was no new episode. Instead, the show simply re-aired an old episode from May 7, 2016, where Alicia Keys was the musical guest and actress Brie Larson hosted.

Alas, those clamoring for new episodes of SNL will need to be patent for a bit, as new episodes will not return until May 8. That means that next week’s installment of SNL, set to air on May 1, will be a re-airing of an old episode as well.

Happily, if the strength of this season thus far is any indication, the new episodes will be more than worth the wait. To whet your appetite, know that the host of the May 8 episode will be Tesla CEO Elon Musk.