Overwhelming evidence has been uncovered of a gargantuan welfare and unemployment fraud scheme in California. Various groups of people, ranging from gang members and drug dealers to hackers, illegal immigrants, current prison inmates and even state employees have filed fraudulent unemployment claims in the state of California and may have fleeced the state of as much as $31 billion.

However, as has become almost tediously common whenever some instance of lying or corruption is discovered among people in positions of power these days, it appears that no one will face any consequences for any of this.

Yet Another Case of Fraud Unpunished

The scale and scope of this fraud have reached simultaneously hilarious and terrifying levels of absurdity. Indeed, one of those who fraudulently filed unemployment claims in California uploaded a rap music video to YouTube in which he bragged about doing so. Many other fraudsters were not even California residents.

But to compound the absurdity even more, California politicians generally don’t even seem to care about any of this. No matter how abundant the evidence is, no matter how brazen the fraud is, California politicians barely even seem to react. State officials often didn’t bother to cross-reference unemployment claims with prison rolls, and again, almost no one seems to care.

All told, according to one expert who spoke to CALmatters, this could end up turning into “the largest fraud investigation in the history of America.”

And will people be punished for either engaging in the fraud directly or allowing it to happen through negligence and incompetence? For a likely answer, we should simply look to the way in which powerful institutions have responded to other massive scandals in recent years.

For years, the media relentlessly pushed the lie that Donald Trump’s campaign had colluded with the Russian government. It is not editorializing to refer to this claim as a lie, for when asked about this under oath and behind closed doors, many of the much-vaunted “experts” who appeared on the likes of CNN to discuss this topic admitted that they actually had no evidence at all for their assertions.

Recently, the claim that the Russians had been paying bounties on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan has also been exposed as a lie by the intelligence community.

CNN’s Technical Director Charlie Chester has also recently been caught on camera by Project Veritas admitting that CNN spreads “propaganda.”

No one has yet been punished for any of these things.

Overwhelming evidence also exists of significant election fraud in multiple states during the 2020 election. In many cases, state officials facilitated this fraud. Other than an election reform bill in Georgia and a promised full audit of the election in Arizona, nothing has been done about this either, and no one has been punished.

Alas, America’s institutions are so corrupt and decadent now that not only do we have no right to expect fraud, dishonesty and incompetence to be punished, but we should expect these things to be rewarded.

And indeed, that is what we also see in the case of California.

Julie Su, California’s Labor Secretary should be fired and disgraced for allowing so much unemployment fraud to take place on her watch. Instead, she will be rewarded, as she is set to be confirmed as Biden’s Deputy Secretary of Labor soon.