Having wonderful neighbors who you get along with is always a blessing for anyone. Alas, not everyone can be so lucky. Occasionally, friction happens between neighbors. Some neighbors can be difficult to get along with. Others can be outright entitled and ridiculous. And when that happens, there can be crazy neighborhood drama.

That’s exactly what happened to one man, a dermatologist in his thirties who calls himself FaultFabulous on Reddit. He decided to share his unbelievable story with other Redditors.

Entitled Neighbors

FaultFabulous begins his story by describing his joy at finally being able to move out of his cramped apartment and into a house with a lawn and some room for him to enjoy himself. The added space was especially important for his two dogs, who were now able to run and roam around in ways that they couldn’t before. Needless to say, FaultFabulous was happy.

But a self-important neighbor was determined to rain on his parade. One day, after coming home from working and starting to play with his dogs, he heard a knock on his door. The woman knocking was his neighbor. At first, she was nice enough. She welcomed him to the neighborhood and pointed out that she was also a part of the local homeowners’ association, which FaultFabulous was not a part of.

Then, she dropped this whopper: “So, I know you’re new, but we would like to ask you to keep your dogs inside your house when you’re out. The kids like to play on the houses’ lawns, and they are afraid of your dogs. So, you need to put them inside when you’re not at home.”

This woman’s kids do not have an automatic right to just waltz onto FaultFabulous’ lawn. He owns that lawn, not them. The presumption and effrontery in the woman’s request were pretty extraordinary. Furthermore, FaultFabulous was already fenced off, which makes this whole episode even more ridiculous.

FaultFabulous told the woman that she had no right to make demands like that. She immediately got angry and threatened to contact the homeowners’ association. FaultFabulous just brushed her off. After all, it was his lawn!

So, how did this woman react? In a word, she responded in the most vindictive way possible. She began going around the neighborhood and spreading false and malicious rumors about him.

Now, neighbors who used to greet him and treat him with kindness look away whenever he passes by and don’t speak to him. In despair and anger, FaultFabulous went onto Reddit to ask for advice about what he should do.

What can we say about this miserable, entitled, narcissistic woman that isn’t already obvious from observing her behavior? A man with bad neighbors truly does carry a curse on his shoulders.

Hopefully, FaultFabulous finds some way to resolve this unfortunate situation.