Roku Warning Customers that YouTube TV Service May Not Be Available in Coming Days

If you are a Roku customer that streams programming through YouTube TV, you may soon be disappointed when you turn on your television. Roku is warning its customers that their YouTube TV subscriptions may not be available through its service in the coming days. The company is blaming the issue on Google and what it calls its predatory practices and monopoly behavior.

The current agreement between YouTube TV and Roku is scheduled to expire in just a few days.

Roku Statement

In a statement to its customers, Roku criticized Google, claiming that the internet giant is trying to use its YouTube monopoly to strongarm Roku into signing off on its discriminatory and predatory terms of service. Roku said that these practices hurt its customers in the process because it manipulates search results that lean toward YouTube.

YouTube TV Statement

Meanwhile, YouTube says that it is working in good faith with Roku to try to come to an agreement. The popular streaming service alleges that this is not unusual for Roku to practice these tactics in their negotiations, making erroneous claims during the process.

YouTube TV representatives say that they are committed to offering their customers a high-quality viewing experience.

High-tech Under the Gun

The world’s leading technology companies have recently been under the gun for what many allege is too much power concentrated in one place. Match Group Chief Legal Officer Jared Sine recently testified to Congress that these tech companies enjoy too big of a monopoly. The rift between Roku and YouTube appears to be another example of this claim.