Story of the McCaughey Septuplets Captivates the Nation

The McCaughey septuplets won over the heart of the nation when they made their triumphant debut on Nov. 19, 1997. Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey were already enjoying their young daughter Mikayla Marie when they decided to add to their family. Unfortunately, this proved to be a difficult task. However, with the help of medical technology, the McCaughey’s discovered that they were pregnant with not one but seven babies.

Difficult Choice to Make

The doctors gave the couple the choice of undergoing selective reduction to give the healthiest babies the chance at life or choosing to go forward with the full pregnancy. Leaning on their strong faith, the McCaughey’s decided to leave it in God’s hands and push through with all seven babies.

Gamble Paid Off

The gamble paid off and Bobbi gave birth to four boys and three girls named Kenneth (Kenny) Robert, Alexis May, Natalie Sue, Kelsey Ann, Nathan Roy, Brandon James, and Joel Steven. While Alexis and Nathan were eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the children have lived happy and fulfilling lives.

World Rallies Around Septuplets

The world rallied around the seven babies, showering them with gifts, prayers, and even a free house. The septuplets grew up in the spotlight. Their home state of Iowa gifted all seven kids with a free college education.

So where are they now? While six of the kids headed off to college, Brandon made the choice to enlist in the U.S. Military. A few of the McCaughey septuplets have even already got married. They still have their whole lives ahead of them.