City councils of La Mirada, Whittier, and Lancaster joined other city councils against the L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón.

So far, the cities that voted to recall Gascón included Santa Clarita, Pico Rivera, and Beverly Hills.

Gascón was widely criticized for his lenient behavior toward suspected criminals.

An email from Victims of Violent Crime for the Recall of District Attorney Gascón described the L.A. County District Attorney as a threat to the local community due to his pro-criminal policy and action.

The email pointed to Gascón’s failure to provide justice for victims of the most heinous crimes in the region.

In La Mirada, four city councilmen voted to oust Gascón.

The fifth one, Anthony Otero, had to recuse himself due to his wife being a deputy district attorney.

In Whittier, four councilmen voted for Gascón’s removal, while one councilman voted against it.

Councilman Fernando Dutra, who was in the former group, suggested that the wrong message would be sent if there is too much leniency on criminals.

Yet, Councilman Henry Bouchot, who voted in Gascón’s favor, described the recall proposal as ‘nearsighted, ill-conceived, and partisan.’

Whittier Police Chef noted that more than 200 criminal cases had not been processed by District Attorney’s Office since December.

Whittier Mayor Joe Vinatieri, on the other hand, stressed that, besides putting residents at undue risk, the District Attorney’s behavior also goes against well-established practices of prosecutors in Whittier.

Four councilmen voted to recall Gascón in Lancaster as well, while the fifth one abstained.

Even Deputy District Attorney John Hatami raised his voice against Gascón, particularly addressing the situation in Lancaster.

Hatami said that, instead of preventing crime, current District Attorney’s policies encourage criminal activities in the area.

Speaking about the lack of safety in Lancaster, Hatami mentioned the 2016 murder of L.A. County Sheriff’s Sgt. Steve Owen.

Action to come

People from the organization that initiated Gascón’s recall told reporters that they are working hard to make sure that petition against District Attorney hits the streets and cannot be disputed either by Gascón or some of his supporters.

They particularly emphasized the need to pay attention to details of the petition, including its margin spacing and font size.

Gascón’s opponents said they would need some time to raise additional funds and organize volunteers who would collect the petition signatures.