Brian Mast, a Republican Representative for the state of Florida, has slammed the Biden Administration for terminating a Memorial Day event that has been held every year for the last 30 years.

The event, ran by AMVETS and known as ‘Rolling to Remember,’ has been met with a flurry of support from veterans and advocates alike, after the Biden Administration decided to revoke the parking permit for the group to hold their traditional motorcycle rally.

The event dates back to the 1980s and has been held ever since its conception in order to honor those who have given their lives for the United States and raise awareness for the ongoing veteran suicide crisis.

The decision

The Pentagon defended their decision by releasing a statement for the AMVETS, explaining why they decided to revoke the previously given parking permit.

They claimed that the department had to take all considerations into account, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Pentagon stated they took into account the current ‘Health Protection Condition status on the Pentagon Reservation,’ the infection rates of Covid in Arlington County, the vaccination rates across the nation, and the ability of the event to adhere to social distancing measures.

The Pentagon believes that this event draws in large national attention, and for that reason, the risk of exposure is far greater.

They finalized their statement by saying that they will happily consider supporting a ‘future event’ from AMVETS if Covid restrictions have been loosened.

Also, the Pentagon claimed that the department ‘looks forward to supporting future’ events, parroting back the causes that AMVETS wants to raise awareness for.

The reaction

Rep. Brian Mast, who is a former combat vet after losing both of his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan, expressed his anger to Fox News over the cancellation of the event.

He stated that the Memorial Day tradition has been granted permits from every single administration over the past 30 years, accusing the Biden Administration of impeding on the freedoms that so many veterans they honor died for.

He then claimed that it is now easier to illegally cross the southern border than to ‘pay respect for our fallen heroes,’ a sentiment that has been proven true over the past few months.

AMVETS, who saved the event from going bust in 2019, after founder Artie Muller ended the event due to financial problems, stated that the decision from the Pentagon was ‘very disappointing’ for everyone involved, with many believing this decision shows the discontent President Joe Biden holds for the veterans of the United States.