A Fox News host, who hasn’t appeared on the air since January, has been officially released from his position within the organisation.

Many supporters of the former President Donald Trump noticed a change in tune with many anchors on the network since the election victory of President Joe Biden, with hosts like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham remaining fair to the Trump base.

However, one of these anchors accused of changing his tune and becoming ‘anti-Trump’ was Leland Vittert, who was removed from the air in January after receiving a heap of criticism from President Trump.

Now, it can be revealed, that he is actually gone for good.

What caused his disappearance?

Fox News announced his departure from the network in a short and simple statement that claimed they had parted way on ‘mutual and amical’ terms.

Vittert had been off the air since January and had not used his Twitter account since January 13th.

President Trump had previously criticized the work of Vittert in 2019, when he tweeted about him and fellow host Arthel Neville, asking if they had been trained by CNN.

Now, a recently resurfaced exchange between Vittert and Trump Team spokeswoman Erin Perrine might explain why he was pulled off the air and removed from the network permanently.

The exchange took place in the aftermath of the 2020 election, as the President’s team announced their intention to challenge many results.

Vittert asked Perrine what the President’s path to 270 would be, but he barely allowed her to get a word in as he kept interrupting and laughing at her comments.

Perrine stated that it was important that every legal vote was counted, and that every illegal vote was thrown out, a statement that was apparently controversial at the time.

Vittert interrupted her explanation multiple times, parroting the numbers and the states that Biden held a lead in.

Eventually, Perrine was allowed to speak, where she explained that the ‘equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution had been violated in Pennsylvania and Michigan, whilst batting off Vittert’s attempts at interrupting her again.

The conversation turned into a shouting match between the pair, as Vittert would not stop interrupting.

At points throughout the fiery exchange, the host would pull faces at Perrine’s comments, before laughing at her suggestions in a disrespectful manner.

After viewing that exchange, there is no surprise whatsoever that Fox decided to give the host the boot.