12 counties across the southern border in the state of Texas have all declared emergencies as the border crisis worsens, with local residents now feeling the detrimental and terrifying effects allowed by the Biden Administration.

As President Joe Biden and his administration continue to turn a blind eye to the ongoing crisis, even blaming the past administration for their failings, Texans are becoming more and more terrified, county police are releasing constant alerts regarding illegal alien activity, and kids are still being kept in those cages.

The dire situation in Texas

The actions of President Biden in his first day in office have directly caused the current crisis on the southern border, as he repealed many of President Donald Trump’s successful border policies.

In December 2020, under the Trump Administration, border officials apprehended 9,000 illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border.

In March 2021, this number was over 170,000.

So, who pays the price for the failings of the administration?

The illegals crossing the border?

Of course, they do, but they are choosing to break the first law of the United States.

The people who don’t choose that, who are suffering as a direct result of the crisis, are the citizens who live in counties that are close to the border.

A Texan rancher, who lives a shy 56-miles from the border, spoke to C’Mon Now! regarding her experiences with illegal immigrants over the last 40 years.

She states that the situation at the border, and the influx of immigrants to follow, has never been this bad before in her time living on her ranch.

She even claims that local residents are afraid to take out their trash, due to the high number of illegals in the area.

Another resident, this time one who lives farther away from the border, stated to the conservative-leaning news-site PJ Media, that she had spotted an illegal immigrant trespassing on her property and peering through her windows.

She stated that police took 40 minutes to arrive, before conducting a quick search, failing to find the trespasser before packing up and leaving.

County crackdowns

Counties across the state of Texas are now looking to increase alert efforts to find and apprehend illegals who make it across the border and escape into local communities.

Lavaca County sheriffs posted a notice late Sunday night, after an illegal alien committed a ‘bailout’.

The alert advised that all residents in the local area should lock their car and house doors and stay inside for the night. A bailout is when an illegal alien steals a resident’s vehicle and uses it to transport multiple other illegal aliens across the border.

They usually get caught by the authorities, but due to the sheer number of illegals in the vehicle, many are able to escape.

More notices have been popping up from a multitude of counties across the southern border in Texas, as more and more illegals successfully cross the border.

Dimmit County reported on Facebook over the weekend that an illegal had stolen a vehicle, used it to transport more illegals across the border, before being involved in a high-speed pursuit against the authorities.

The Sheriff’s Office for Zavala County posted three alerts that occurred in the space of two days, where multiple illegal aliens were caught and turned over to border authorities.

The Houston Police Department reported on Twitter that NINETY (90) illegal aliens were apprehended after they were discovered packed in a single residence in an incident related to human smuggling.

Luckily, no citizens or police officers were injured during any of these incidents.

12 border counties in the state of Texas have now all declared emergencies due to the ongoing crisis, in an attempt to get more support from the government to deal with the unprecedented number of illegals flooding local communities.