An unpleasant event took place in Los Angeles County several weeks ago.

The event started when an L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy had to stop an African-American woman due to her using a cell phone while driving.

As soon as her vehicle was stopped, the woman started shouting and verbally attacking the officer.

She told the deputy that she was using her cell phone to report him because he was ‘scaring her.’

The woman failed to provide the identification documents the officer asked for, saying that she left her driver’s license at her apartment.

The enraged driver added that she is perfectly legal and that she works as a teacher.

She continued with much more vitriolic language, calling the L.A. County sheriff’s deputy ‘a Mexican racist’ who would always remain so and, to his dismay, would never become ‘white.’

Before that, she even described the officer as a ‘murderer.’

The Sheriff’s deputy managed to record the incident with both his official bodycam and a personal camera he decided to buy for the sake of protection from false accusations against him.

The video was soon published by Fox News and went viral on social media.

L.A. County Sheriff responds

In an interview with Fox News, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said that he was appalled after seeing the video.

He added that he is proud of how his deputy behaved during the incident.

Villanueva criticized the way the entire police profession is being denigrated due to George Floyd’s death.

He emphasized that doing so exhibits a kind of racism and bigotry present among various social groups.

The Sheriff added that calling someone a murderer without any reason makes the person hypocritical by doing the same he or she blames others for.

Villanueva concluded his interview by pointing out that, soon after the incident, the woman called internal affairs to file a harassment complaint against his deputy.

The L.A. County Sheriff explained that such a move should not be viewed as surprising given that the same woman has a history of false complaints against deputies.