Future of “Counting On” Unclear in Light of Josh Duggar Allegations

The future of the TLC show “Counting On” is unclear amidst the revelation that Josh Duggar has been accused of sexual assault and predatory behavior. A similar program, “19 Kids and Counting,” was canceled in 2015 as a result of previous allegations against Duggar. However, just months later, the spinoff known as “Counting On” premiered on TLC. In light of the latest allegations, it is not known if “Counting On” will also be canceled by the network.

The Latest With Josh

The reality television world was rocked with the recent news of Josh’s arrest on child pornography possession charges.

After Josh’s previous scandal, TLC banned him from appearing on “Counting On,” the show that followed all of the adult Duggars and their children. Now that Josh is again in trouble, it is uncertain how TLC will proceed.

Josh faces up to 20 years in prison as well as up to $250,000 in fines if he is convicted.

TLC and Family Statements

In response to the arrest, TLC issued a statement that said they are sad to hear of the troubles facing Josh. While they acknowledged that “19 Kids and Counting” has not aired since 2015, the network did not definitively say how they plan to move forward with the current “Counting On” program.

The show has not been renewed or canceled by TLC, leaving many to wonder about the future of the program.

The Duggar family has also not shied away from issuing statements about the arrest. Numerous family members have come out to express their disappointment in the charges while also supporting Josh.