Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have recently bought another 595.4 acres of land in Kauai, Hawaii. That means that they have now nearly doubled their total landholdings in the state.

Billionaires Buying Land

On March 19, Zuckerberg and Chan bought the additional 595.4 acres in three separate parcels. In total, they paid about $53 million for this land, according to a report from Pacific Business News.

The purchase was made through an LLC that is managed by another LLC called Iconiq Capital. Zuckerberg is a client of Iconiq. Zuckerberg purchased this land from the Waioli Corporation, a large nonprofit in the area that was founded by a group of missionary schoolteachers back during the time that Hawaii was an independent kingdom.

All in all, Zuckerberg and his wife now own about 1,300 acres of land in Hawaii. He started buying land in Hawaii back in 2014 when he first bought the 357-acre Kahuaina plantation from a California-based investment firm called Falko Brothers. He then bought another 384 acres in 2018 from James Pflueger, a prominent auto dealer.

In addition to these large purchases, Zuckerberg has also purchased a collection of smaller plots throughout Hawaii.

Building permit records also show that, in 2018, Zuckerberg got a permit to build a 57,059-square-foot home, complete with eight bedrooms, nine full baths and 16 more half-baths.

Zuckerberg isn’t the only prominent billionaire who has been buying a great deal of land recently. Bill Gates and others have been doing it as well.

The question is: Why?

Given the fact that the coronavirus lockdowns have wrought unbelievable amounts of economic damage while netting a small class of billionaires about $4.6 trillion collectively and given all of the talk from elites at the World Economic Forum of a “Great Reset,” these moves should make people extremely suspicious.

Are the likes of Zuckerberg positioning themselves to grow wealthier and more powerful as the global COVID agenda proceeds forward?