One of the dirty little secrets in so-called “journalism” is that, at least within prominent mainstream media organizations, many journalists more-or-less take dictation from the FBI, the CIA and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Such organizations have not been above using the media to plant outright lies into the public consciousness.

The much-vaunted “unnamed sources” that were used to grant a thin veneer of respectability to the Russiagate hoax were all people who worked within the intelligence community. As has now been amply revealed, these people were all knowingly lying when they said that former president Trump had connections to the Kremlin. And yet, the media gobbled up these lies and presented them as truth for years.

And now, it has happened again.

After Trump’s lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s apartment was raided by the FBI, the media again turned to their oh-so-reliable “unnamed sources” to get the scoop. Once again, the “unnamed sources” — who are almost certainly politically motivated FBI agents — fed the media a bunch of damaging lies about why the FBI had raided Giuliani and what Giuliani had been up to. Because the media has a virulent and irrational hatred for Trump and anyone associated with him, they swallowed up these lies and reported them uncritically.

Now, the New York Times, the Washington Post and NBC News have all been forced to retract their earlier false reporting about Giuliani.

Stenographers for the FBI

It’s perfectly clear that the raid on Giuliani’s apartment was a politically motivated hit job. Giuliani is one of Trump’s staunchest supporters and one of his most visible allies. And Trump and everything he represents poses an unacceptable threat to the deep state.

Therefore, Giuliani must be destroyed by any means necessary.

And if FBI agents — or “sources familiar with the matter,” as the media likes to call them — need to plant false stories into the media to justify their heavy-handed and authoritarian persecution of their political enemies, they will do so.

That is why the media began reporting that the FBI issued warnings to both Giuliani and One America News Network that they were the targets of Russian influence operations. Absolutely no evidence exists for either of these assertions, but the FBI knows that if they can plant associations in people’s minds between Giuliani, OANN and nefarious Russians, the FBI’s Gestapo-like tactics will come to seem legitimate.

The Washington Post, the New York Times and NBC news all confidently ran stories claiming that the FBI warned both Giuliani and OANN that the Russians were trying to influence them. All of these outlets quietly retracted the claim after it was pointed out the FBI never issued any such warnings.

The media and the FBI are simply trying to resurrect the old Russiagate conspiracy theory to try and smear Giuliani. Once the FBI railroads him, they will throw up their hands and claim — without evidence — that Giuliani was a Russian agent.

But how many times can the media and the FBI keep crying wolf?