Gretchen Whitmer, a Democratic Governor of Michigan, reportedly used her private jet to visit her elderly father at the time when the stay-at-home was imposed across the state.

The governor allegedly traveled to Florida, which had no lockdown restrictions at the moment.

Sources from the Federalist online magazine indicate that Whitmer visited Florida more than once while other Michigan residents could not leave their homes.

Even more, the Michigan Governor has allegedly not been vaccinated at the time of her four-day Florida travel!

Many commentators described this move as hypocritical, given that Whitmer headed a campaign to speed up the vaccination program.

According to her press secretary Bobby Leddy, Michigan Governor Whitmer traveled to Florida on three occasions, once in a fancy private jet Gulfstream G-280 twin during the stay-at-home order.

The governor’s office stated that no taxpayer money financed the pricey jet.

Some media outlets reported that Whitmer took advantage of billionaires’ private donations to pay for the trip that would otherwise cost her a fee of around U.S. $40,000.

According to the publicly know data, this figure presents 25 percent of the governor’s salary before taxes. An award recipient

Quite paradoxically, Whitmer was publicly encouraging Michigan residents not to go to Florida during her press conference on April 19, adding that everyone should wear masks, stay at home, and get tested.

The governor claimed that going to Florida during a spring break might significantly contribute to the COVID-19 spread.

Several commentators pointed out that, in the light of these warnings, Whitmer’s trips to Florida appear even more controversial.

Despite the alleged contradiction between her words and action, Whitmer has recently received a John F. Kennedy Library Foundation Award, delivered by the eponymous organization located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Caroline Kennedy, honorary president of the foundation, described Whitmer as a hero willing to put on a lot of sacrifice for her community and country.

To make things more ironic, the foundation named the Michigan Governor’s willingness to risk her health and safety to keep others safe from COVID-19 as a reason for giving her the award.