In the state of New Jersey, the city is beginning to discipline police officers that dare to speak out against the heinous crimes committed by Black Lives Matter over the last year.

According to, Hopewell Township Police Officer Sara Erwin has been dismissed from her position on the force after labeling BLM rioters as ‘terrorists’ in a post on her personal Facebook page.

Erwin had served on the force for almost 20 years and had never had any internal affairs complaints filed against her.

How did this all start?

The issue that sparked off all of this controversy was a Facebook post made by Sara Erwin in June last year when BLM protests and riots were at their peak.

She started off the post by thanking her friends for being concerned about the wellbeing of her and her fellow police officers.

She then told a harrowing story of how her children have been crying for her not to go to work after watching the scenes that broke out in New Jersey.

She asked people to think before they shared posts relating to Black Lives Matter, labeling them as terrorists, accusing the group of hating her and her uniform, before proclaiming that they do not care if she loses her life.

Soon after the post was published, the then-Police Chief Lance Maloney offered an apology to the public.

He stated that the township had learned of multiple improper conduct issues from police officers and employees, before stating that those involved had been immediately placed on leave.

He finalized his short statement by apologizing for the ‘hurt that this incident has caused,’ before stating that police officers must operate in a ‘fair and impartial manner.’

Erwin was charged with misconduct in late July, allegedly violating multiple department policies which include standards of conduct, social media policy, public employment, and the ‘implicit standard of good behaviour’…whatever that means.

The Mob rules again

Despite the fact that the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office ruled that Erwin had committed no crime, her fate was already sealed.

Police Chief Lance Maloney ended up retiring, paving the way for a civilian police director to take charge of the department.

And you can probably imagine what happened next…

All police officers and department members who ‘liked’ or endorsed Erwin’s post were placed on indefinite leave, with Erwin herself being fired via a town council unanimous vote.

Sgt. Mandy Grey, who was the first-ever female police officer at Hopewell, has been suspended for half a year and has lost her rank of sergeant.

Erwin and Grey have filed appeals to the Superior Court on the grounds of freedom of speech, however, their appeal seems unlikely to be accepted as work and personal life begin to merch into one.