For what seems like an eternity now, major politicians, media figures, actors, musicians and large corporations have all been repeating the woke slogans of Black Lives Matter. They’ve done this in a more-or-less knee-jerk way and have, at best, sounded only half-sincere while doing so.

It’s easy to dismiss all of that behavior as annoying and ultimately meaningless pandering — and it is pandering. But this behavior has had consequences.

One of these has been that millions of Americans are no longer able to enjoy things that once gave them pleasure and provided an escape from ordinary life, like movies and baseball. When you can no longer watch a pitch being thrown unless it’s accompanied by an arrogant moral harangue that implicitly accuses you of being a bad person, many people rightly roll their eyes and tune out.

Another more serious consequence has been that large corporations have not only been firing people if their political opinions diverge from BLM orthodoxy, but they have also been donating millions to BLM — even as its members rioted and pillaged countless American cities.

There have been small pockets of resistance to this nonsense here and there, but as of yet, large and influential organizations have been too afraid to take a stand even though millions of people want them to.

Thankfully, this has finally begun to change.

And who is leading the charge? The Olympics!

The Olympics Brush Off BLM

According to an Associated Press report published on May 4, 2021, the International Olympic Committee has decided that athletes participating in the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo who wear apparel that in any way broadcasts the slogan “Black Lives Matter” will be punished or sanctioned.

The exact details of what that punishment will be are not yet clear, but it may be that offending athletes will be banned from participating in the Games.

In fact, the IOC has gone even further than this. The Committee announced that it has every intention of enforcing something called “Rule 50,” a provision that specifically prohibits Olympic athletes from expressing their political views during the Games.

Specifically, the rule states that “no kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial or religious propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas.”

One of the specific slogans that athletes will not be allowed to display on their clothes will be “Black Lives Matter.” Athletes who kneel or raise a fist in the air at any time during the Games — other popular signs of protest among athletes virtue-signaling to BLM — will also be punished.

The IOC released a report explaining this decision and said that it polled 3,500 athletes around the world, a clear majority of whom agreed that it was appropriate and irresponsible for athletes to express their political views during the Games.

The World Players Association, an athletic union, is not happy about the decision and says that it will defend any athlete who is punished.

It’s refreshing to see a large, global organization finally say that it’s tired of BLM’s divisive nonsense. May this trend continue.