In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bill Gates has been elevated by the media to the status of some sort of omnicompetent expert who knows everything there is to know about viruses and how societies should deal with them.

Gates has been seemingly everywhere over the course of the last year, pontificating endlessly about how people should live their lives and in precisely which ways everything about their lives should be micromanaged.

And now, to the surprise of many, it appears that Gates, like many other busybodies, had neglected to put his own house in order before telling others how they should live.

On May 3, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda announced on Twitter that after 27 years of marriage, they would be divorcing, saying that “we no longer believe that we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives.”

The reasons for the Gates’ divorce are private, and we will probably never know the full set of reasons for their decision. However, the couple did have an especially odd and unconventional agreement between them that it’s reasonable to speculate may have strained the marriage and eventually destroyed it.

Friends With Benefits?

According to a recent report published in the Daily Mail, Gates originally met a woman named Ann Winblad back in 1984 at a Ben Rosen-Esther Dyson computer conference. The two started dating and were in a relationship for the next three years. It appears that they broke up because Winblad was ready for marriage, but Gates was not.

However, what’s bizarre about this is that Gates and Winblad continued not only to stay in touch but to regularly see each other for many years thereafter.

Indeed when Bill Gates finally decided to marry Melinda in 1994, one of the conditions of their marriage was that Bill be allowed to spend one long weekend every year alone with Ann Winblad at her beach house in North Carolina.

In an interview in 1997, Gates even revealed that he called Winblad and asked for her approval before deciding to marry Melinda.

Again, no one but the Gates’ themselves ultimately knows the real reasons for their decision to split up, but any reasonable person would agree that there’s something extremely suspicious about a man telling his wife that he wants to spend weekends alone with his ex-girlfriend.

As has by now been widely publicized, the Gates had no prenuptial agreement, even though Bill was already a billionaire at the time he married Melinda. The Gates also have three children: Jennifer, 24; Phoebe, 18; and Rory, 21.

We can now safely add Bill Gates’ name to the long list of elites who struck a high and impressive moral posture in public but who were corrupt — or at least did highly questionable things — in private.