Host and TV personality Samantha Bee went full throttle against the Republicans on her Wednesday broadcast of her TBS show ‘Full Frontal.’

She attacked Republicans up and down the country, in State Senate’s and beyond, for pushing legislation that would prohibit transgender women from competing in women’s sport, under the belief that it would be ‘biologically unfair.’

She went on to demand Republicans and the GOP to ‘mind their own f*ing business’ when it comes to trans issues.

Bee’s full comments

She began her rant by stating that, over this year, there has been a ‘tidal wave’ of ‘transphobic’ legislation introduced at the state level to target trans children.

Bee claims that this was solely due to an executive order passed by President Joe Biden on his first day in office, which provided certain protections to trans children and people.

She went on to acknowledge the concerns of Republican lawmakers when it comes to transgender women competing in sports, yet then completely dismisses all of their talking points, stating that conservatives are ‘staging an attack on trans-kids over an issue that doesn’t exist.’

The tv host backed up this outrageous claim by stating that there has not been a single instance where a trans girl has caused an issue in sports in schools.

She doubled down on this point, claiming that transwomen do not have more testosterone and muscle mass than biological women, a fact that she was unable to back up.

Of course, modern science has very clearly defined the physically innate differences between a man and a woman, but as the far left likes to often ignore science, so does Bee.

She then claimed that the only reason conservatives were ‘targeting’ trans athletes was in order to ‘scare their base’ into voting for them.

Bee concluded by claiming that conservatives don’t actually care about trans people, stating that, instead they care about using them for ‘political profit.’

She ended her impassionate and factually incorrect rant by demanding that Republicans should ‘stop policing other people’s bodies,’ and that they should instead ‘mind their own f***ing business.’