The world has long appeared an extremely chaotic place. With all of the political polarization and other tensions that are gripping our world, anyone can be forgiven for thinking that things are headed to an exceptionally bad place.

And now, on top of everything else, even Mother Nature appears to be feeling violent and intent on giving people a hard time.

According to reports by the Daily Wire, there are indications that a gargantuan swarm of trillions of cicadas, which have remained gestating underground for the previous 17 years, is set to soon emerge and bring blight down upon as many as 15 states.

An Ominous Brood

The group of cicadas comprising this soon-to-arriving swarm is ominously called Brood X, or the Great Eastern Brood. Now that we’ve entered May, the brood is expected to emerge within mere days.

In fact, according to the Associated press, these cicadas are already emerging in large numbers in both North Carolina and Tennessee.

Experts say that Brood X will also likely appear in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, Illinois, Delaware, Indiana, and the District of Columbia.

Michael Raupp, an entomologist at the University of Maryland, described the imminent approach swarm in the following way: “You’ve got a creature that spends 17 years in a Covid-like existence, isolated underground, sucking on sap, right? In the 17th year, these teenagers are going to come out of the ground in the billions, if not trillions.”

Raupp also provided a rather humorous description of the cicadas’ mating cycle to the Guardian. He said, “Once in the treetops, hey, it’s all going to be about romance. It’s only the males that sing. It’s going to be a big boy band up there as the males try to woo those females.”

Raupp then described how, by this process, the cicadas will fertilize the plants on which the cicadas will be mating. Shortly thereafter, the nymphs will fall to the ground from the trees, burrow themselves underground, and remain there for the next 17 years, gestating and preparing for the next round of this cycle.

To the areas afflicted, the cicadas are likely to cause some disruption. Those living in areas likely to be visited by swarms should prepare themselves.