For many families across the United States, Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity for all to get together and celebrate the achievements (and the stress) that all mothers go through when raising a child.


That is all about to change.

President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party, who continuously claims that they are the party of all minorities, including women, have decided to completely disregard all biological women before their Mother’s Day celebrations this weekend.

House Democrats have decided, the week before the big day for women, that mothers should no longer be referred to as mothers, instead, they should be labeled as a ‘birthing person.’

Yep, it gets that crazy.

What the hell is a ‘birthing person’?

A birthing person refers to an individual, who is a biological woman and able to give birth to another individual, as common sense tells us.

We all know that identity politics has taken over the DNC, whose organizers are attempting to eliminate all gendered language just to spare the feelings of a tiny minority.

However, the crazy (there’s no other way to say it) House members of the Democratic party have now decided to bring this term, alongside the term ‘pregnant person,’ into mainstream politics, and it is hilarious.

CongressWOMAN Ayanna Pressley, who is known for her far-left stances, tweeted 3 days before Mother’s Day that CongressMAN Cory Brooker and herself were introducing an act known as the ‘MOMMIES Act’ (yes you read that right).

This act is due to expand Medicaid coverage to mothers, however, she didn’t word it like that.

In her tweet, she stated that the Medicaid coverage would be expanded to all ‘birthing people,’ and that every ‘pregnant person’ deserved to be listened to and respected.

The irony

The Democrats in Congress do not appear to see the irony of it all, since an act called the MOMMIES Act directly goes against their own agenda of attempting to cancel all gendered language.

At the beginning of the new Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced new language standards as a part of her first acts.

Pelosi specifically banned all gendered terms from being used in Congress and in new legislation.

These included changing the term for ‘seaman’ to be ‘seafarers’, ‘Chairman’ to just ‘Chair’, and eliminating all gendered terms for familial relationships.

So instead of using terms like mother, father, son daughter, etc, they would use terms like a parent, a child, and a sibling.

The radical wing on the Democrats is starting to become more and more mainstream within the party, especially when previous moderates such as Senator Brooker have started to pander to the identity politics of the far-left.

However, don’t let that stop you from celebrating Mother’s Day and all the mothers out there who have sacrificed so much for us all.

Happy Mother’s Day America!