A famous comedian Dave Chapelle appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast several days ago.

One of the topics discussed included Elon Musk’s recent hosting of Saturday Night Live show at NBC.

Musk’s participation at the show received widespread backlash from left-wing activists and media.

They described Musk’s appearance as awkward and a ‘black hole of fun,’ among other things.

Allegedly, even some regular cast members were so ashamed that they asked executives not to be included in Musk’s hosting episode.

Chapelle touched upon these criticisms.

He pointed out that, according to the left-wing standards, ‘no one can be woke enough.’

The comedian said that, even though some woke activists might have noble goals, their tactic of shaming everyone who does not comfort to their standards might repel too many people from their cause.

He stressed that it would be hard for someone to hear the other person if that person continually uses such a harsh tone.

Chapelle also recollected some of his encounters with Musk.

The comedian said that he got the impression that the famous entrepreneur is an incredibly kind person.

Chapelle remembered how Musk reacted favorably to jokes about being the richest man on Earth.

The former Chapelle’s Show host said that Musk seemed a bit hurt after the comedian did not remember that they have met before.

Other defenders of Musk’s hosting role

Chapelle was not the only person who spoke positively about Musk’s participation at the Saturday Night Live show.

Some other notable examples are Michael Che and Pete Davidson.

Reacting to the backlash against Musk, Davidson described Musk as a genius who makes the world a better place and said that he does not understand people who are disgusted by Musk’s hosting role.

Che said that it might be the case that white people do not fancy their billionaires, as opposed to Blacks, to whom Che belongs, who would be very thrilled about Tyler Perry or Oprah being at the show.

Yet, the mainstream media remained relentless in attacking Musk.

Musk’s performance was described as full of stumbling, bad Twitter jokes, and even ethical controversies, primarily Musk’s ridicule of gender pronouns.