James Craig Considered Strong Republican Candidate to Face Whitmer

Detroit Police Chief James Craig is reportedly considering a run at the governorship of Michigan. The Republican is considered to be a strong candidate in the race to oust current Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer in the upcoming mid-term election. Whitmer has yet to announce her intention to run for reelection.

Craig’s Experience and History

Craig has been Detroit’s chief of police since 2013. It is expected that he will announce his retirement from that position on Monday before speaking at a press conference about what he plans to do next.

Craig prides himself on being a public servant. Prior to coming back to his hometown of Detroit to serve as police chief, Craig worked in many capacities in law enforcement.

In addition to serving as a police officer in Los Angeles, he also was the chief of police for both Cincinnati and Portland, Maine. This long career has put him in a unique position to understand the problems that Michigan may face going forward.

Thoughts on Chauvin Conviction

Craig has distinguished himself for his rational approach to the recent conviction of Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd. While Craig has always defended law enforcement, he also applauded the Chauvin conviction by saying that justice was served.

Exploring the Possibilities

So, how serious is Craig about running for Michigan governor? He has reportedly had conversations with both local and national Republican leaders about running for office. Included in these conversations have been Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the current chair of the Republican Governors Association.