Cat at the Center of Couple’s Squabble

A strange squabble over a cat has led to a 22-old-man breaking up with his girlfriend of seven months. According to the poster on the message board Reddit, the pair had been enjoying an amazing relationship until she insisted that he get rid of his cat, Mittens.

Details of Story

The man admitted from the beginning of the story that his former girlfriend was a strict vegan. Because he was a pescatarian, he did not have a difficult time transitioning to the vegan lifestyle for her. When soliciting advice on Reddit, the man said that everything was going well for the couple as he leaned into embracing this vegan way of life.

Enter Mittens

It is clear when reading the story that the man was crazy about his cat, Mittens. He detailed how he has had her for three years. The girlfriend was always skittish around Mittens, blaming her behavior on not growing up around cats.

However, things in the relationship took an interesting turn when the girlfriend issued an ultimatum that the man had to choose between her and the cat.

Reason for Ultimatum

What is more shocking is the reason for the ultimatum. She said that the cat violated her principles of being a vegan. Her reasoning is that owning a cat is truly unconscionable for vegans because Mittens eats flesh such as mice.

In the end, the man decided that he was not willing to give up Mittens for his girlfriend. The couple then made the difficult decision to part ways. Most of the comments agreed with the man for his decision to stand by his cat.