A young woman named Kate Haralson has recently become a viral sensation after she posted a snippet of a FaceTime call that she had with actor Matthew Perry.

The two met through Raya, a special dating and social networking app that has a rather exclusive clientele. In fact, you can only use Raya if you’ve first been referred by another user. Only about 8% of membership applications are accepted, and it’s quite common for actors and other celebrities and Hollywood-adjacent people to use the app.

The problem, though, is that Perry is 51 years old and Kate Haralson is only 19.

Creepy Old Celebrities

Haralson works as a celebrity assistant and has said that she’s often matched on the app with significantly older celebrities, but generally ignores their attempts to get in touch with her.

When she was matched with Matthew Perry, though, she thought it might be amusing to talk to him.

Eventually, the two migrated away from Raya and began talking on a FaceTime call. One of Haralson’s friends was able to record a snippet of this FaceTime call. It was this that was posted to TikTok.

Perry and Haralson can be seen playing a game of 20 questions to try and get to know each other better.

In an interview with Page Six, Haralson said that none of the questions Perry had asked her during their conversation were sexual in nature, but that she had nevertheless been uncomfortable talking to a man who was a year older than her own father. Moreover, Perry had known that this was the case.

Referring to the enormous age gap between them, Haralson said, “I don’t think he minded that. It felt kind of weird talking to someone my dad’s age, and it just felt not right, especially when he knew how young I was.” When Haralson informed Perry that he was a year older than her father, Perry simply “laughed off” the comment, according to Haralson.

Originally, the young woman had had misgivings about posting the clip of her conversation with Perry that her friend had managed to capture to the internet. She overcame those doubts when she learned of another young woman on Raya named Nivine Jay who had posted a similar conversation that she had had with actor Ben Affleck.

Haralson says that she wanted to use her video as a way of exposing and drawing attention to the fact that many older celebrities are using Raya as a means to exploit younger women.

However, Nivine Jay now says that she doesn’t consider Ben Affleck to be a “creep.” She only unmatched him on Raya because she initially believed that his account was a fake.