2020 was a very interesting (and depressing) year, to say the least.

We had the rise of the Coronavirus and the lockdowns that followed, we had the unfortunate electoral defeat of President Donald Trump…and we had the re-emergence of Black Lives Matter, who decided they wanted to burn our cities to ash.

Well, lucky for them, Trump lost, so they were able to get away with their actions entirely, receiving rather generous treatments for their endless nights of violence.

Heck, just compare their treatment with the treatment of the non-violent Trump protesters at the Capitol on January 6th!

How to not catch a criminal

The Police and the Justice system in the United States have their plaudits and criticisms at the best of times, but they really have let themselves down when it comes to dealing with the Black Lives Matter rioters.

There is a simple answer to why they’ve been so timid; fear being labeled as a racist for doing their job and protecting their communities, fear being canceled and ostracised from society entirely.

So what has our legal system decided to do?

Well, allow BLM the freedom to do whatever they want without consequence, no questions asked!

The Portland riots, which originally started in response to the killing of George Floyd, have been on and off for almost a year now.

To put things in perspective, it is important to talk about numbers.

So, let’s talk about numbers!

81% of rioters who were arrested and charged have had their charges dropped altogether!

78% of all those arrested were white, whilst 68% were men with 32% being women.

Two individuals wanted to be classed as ‘other.’

Of the 96 Portland rioters that were hit with federal charges for attacks on federal buildings, 47 of them have had their charges dropped, including one charge of assaulting a police officer.

10 of those left took ‘plea deals,’ which will most likely result in them doing community service as their punishment.

Even the media backs the Portland rioters, with KTVZ reporting on April 10th that two fires ‘broke out’ at the immigration center during a ‘demonstration’, not mentioning arson, a probable cause of the fire.

Throughout the summer of 2020, the media and many Democrats would defend the actions of BLM, labeling them as mostly peaceful while cities such as Washington, Portland, Minneapolis, and Seattle were set ablaze.

Current Vice-President Kamala Harris even helped release several convicted rioters from jail through the Minnesota Freedom Fund, after she labeled the actions of BLM ‘brilliant and essential.’

In contrast with the Trump ‘riot’…

The generous treatment of BLM rioters from the media, politicians, and law enforcement looks even worse when compared with the treatment of non-violent Trump protesters at the start of this year.

Of all the arrests made for charges relating to the events that took place on January 6th, not one protester was charged with insurrection or attempting to topple the government, despite the media and Democrats continuously claiming that the protest was an attack on American democracy.

There were no firearms recovered throughout the arrests, and no one was charged with arson.

Yet, many of the non-violent protesters still remain in jail to this day, including the guy with the horns who went viral on social media.

BLM has continuously stormed and set ablaze multiple federal and county buildings and police stations, yet they are met with the soft hand of the law, and many are able to get away with their violent crimes.

The media and the left like to label the events of January 6th as an insurrection, despite there being barely any violence and damage at all!

Whilst BLM continues to send cities like Portland and Minneapolis into endless nights of the chaos of violence, non-violent protesters waste their lives away in cells.

How is that fair?