Last Monday, Bill and Melinda Gates announced in a joint statement on Twitter that they would be divorcing.

But now, details are beginning to emerge about the possible reasons for the couple’s split.

As it turns out, the couple had been negotiating a separation for more than a year. And shockingly, disgraced financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein features prominently in the reasons for the couple’s divorce.

Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein

In a recent bombshell report, The Wall Street Journal was able to speak to a few sources who provided astonishing details about the likely reasons for the Gates’ divorce.

One of these, a former employee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said that Melinda Gates had been concerned about her husband’s relationship with Epstein as long ago as 2013.

According to Bridgitt Arnold, a spokeswoman for Bill Gates, Gates says that he “regrets ever meeting with Epstein and recognizes it was an error in judgment to do so.” Gates himself, in 2019, said the following about Epstein and his relationship with him: “I met him. I didn’t have any business relationship or friendship with him.”

However, the trail of meetings between the two men has been quite extensive over the years. In fact, according to the New York Times, Melinda Gates and her advisors held a conference call in October of 2019 after reports had surfaced that Bill Gates had once stayed late into the night with Epstein at his home in Manhattan.

Epstein was known as a generous donor to various scientific projects throughout his life. Given Bill Gates’ extensive interest in vaccine technology and the enormous amounts of money that he poured into the development of mRNA vaccines, it is reasonable to speculate that Gates and Epstein may have at least had some sort of business relationship together. The reports about Gates frequently staying at Epstein’s townhouse and flying on his private jet raise the specter of something much deeper and darker.

The Gateses originally both met with Epstein in 2013, and according to The Daily Beast, Melinda Gates was suspicious of Epstein and felt uncomfortable around him almost immediately. She voiced her concerns over this matter to her husband.

In total, the Gates have about $130 billion in wealth, which they plan to devise evenly upon the finalization of their divorce. They also plan to continue as co-chairs of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation after their divorce.

Could Bill Gates’ repeated meetings with Epstein have bothered Melinda enough to eventually induce her to file for divorce? It’s impossible to say, but this is a possibility.