Mother and Daughter Holding Rifles Draws Criticism

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is being criticized for a photo that it tweeted on Mother’s Day. The controversial tweet showed a photo of a mother and daughter pair posing together with rifles.

Details of Tweet

The caption of the photo wished the NRA moms a happy Mother’s Day, pointing out that they take the time to fight for the right to self-defense on top of all of their other parenting responsibilities. What sparked the most outrage was the inclusion of a young girl holding a rifle alongside her mother.

Criticism Abounds

It did not take long for the NRA to be thrown under the bus because of the tweet. Many people said that the NRA was bordering on a terrorist organization by using images of children holding weapons.

The organization was also criticized for not respecting the innocence of childhood. Some comments pointed out that a child does not have the cognitive abilities to make a choice about whether or not to pose with the gun.

Even those most ardent supporters of the gun rights organization took issue with how it used a child as a prop to promote its agenda.

Support for Photo

Despite the rampant criticism, there were still people who supported the photo and the use of a child to send the message. Advocates of gun rights say that it is up to gun owners to teach children about the proper safety precautions at an early age, lining up with the message of this tweet and accompanying photo.