In many ways, TikTok can be thought of as the id of the internet — especially where younger people are concerned. The video-sharing app is a hotbed of absurdism and irony, and often, trends go viral through TikTok for no discernible reason.

Though this should come as a surprise to no one, this very thing has happened again — this time with something called the perfect circle game.

What is the Perfect Circle Game?

What is the perfect circle game? No, it’s not a game based on the rock band of the same name. It’s actually much simpler than that.

Once players are directed to a special lo-fi screen, all they have to do is use a computer mouse, a stylus or some other touch-screen device to draw a perfect circle.

After they do so, the game app grades them — on a scale of 0 to 100 percent — on how closely what they have drawn approximates a perfect circle.

As it happens, the game’s very specific design has made it exceedingly difficult to achieve a score above 90 percent. However, players have already begun figuring out various tricks to boost their scores.

Using a touch-screen stylus helps users approximate “perfection” more closely, as does playing the game on a smaller screen. After all, a smaller screen means that there is less room for error.

Some users have claimed that cheating by tracing a coffee mug or a roll of tape helps them to increase their score, but others have made videos demonstrating that even this does not always allow you to have a 100 percent score.

As you can imagine, TikTok users have gone insane trying to achieve that coveted perfect score. As of now, videos with the #circlegame hostage have amassed more than 26 million views on TikTok. Countless millions more are no doubt soon to follow.

Also, it true TikTok style, other users have flipped the script and instead set themselves the absurd goal of earning the lowest score imaginable — as close to a 0 as possible.