It is going to be another girl for country superstar Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins. On Mother’s Day, Rhett announced that Akins was expecting another baby to add to their growing family.

Three Girls and Counting

The couple already has three girls. The first child they welcomed was a little girl named Willa Gray. Akins met her when visiting an orphanage in Africa. She immediately fell in love with the one-year-old and knew that she wanted to adopt her and take her home.

Shortly after this decision was made, Akins gave birth to Ada James. A few years later, Lennon Love was born, bringing the total number of beautiful girls to three.

Not an Easy Adoption Process

As with many international adoptions, it was not an easy road to finally bring Willa home. The journey was fraught with mishaps and setbacks. All of this was going on when Akins was waiting to give birth to Ada.

It all worked out in the end with Akins’ mom traveling to Uganda to bring home Willa to her new family.

Meaning of Names

Akins and Rhett put a lot of thought into the names of their little girls. Willa Gray was named after Rhett’s grandfather, Willard, as well as Akins’ brother, Grayson. Ada shares the same name as Akins’ grandmother. James is a name shared by members of both families.

The proud papa joked that their fans can feel free to buy more merchandise since they will need to pay for four weddings for four daughters in the future.