We all know that President Joe Biden and the Democrats have a ‘great knack’ for not listening to the criticism that will allow them to govern better.

We’ve seen it over the last few months, as many ongoing crises worsen by the day.

However, this time, they’d do well to listen.

On Tuesday, a group of 124 retired military leaders signed and released an open letter to the American public and to the Biden Administration, warning about the potential of key threats to the United States and her Constitution; including the external threat from China, the internal threats of political ideology, the border crisis and the actions of the Democratic Party.

Actions of the Democrats

The retired military vets opened their letter by expressing their grave concern over the current situation that the United States finds itself in.

They claim that the nation is in ‘deep peril,’ pinning the blame on the ongoing conflict of Socialism/Marxism vs Freedom and Liberty.

They state that this conflict is a ‘fight for survival’ for the Constitutional Republic, claiming that there has never been a fight far greater than this one since the founding of the nation.

Their biggest concerns surround the actions of the Democratic Party and how they have, on numerous occasions, attempted to alter the chain of command, as well as questioning the cognitive ability of the current Commander-in-Chief.

They argue that his mental state ‘cannot be ignored,’ citing that a Commander-in-Chief must be able to make quick and accurate national security decisions ‘anywhere, day or night.’

They then question the actions of the Democratic leadership after, in February, 30 House Democrats penned a letter urging the President to consider ‘alternatives’ regarding who has the authority to launch a nuclear attack.

The retired military vets label this action as sending a ‘dangerous national security signal’ to America’s enemies such as China, who they label as the nation’s greatest external threat.

They argue that the actions of the Democrats questions who’s really in charge, before stating that there must always be an ‘unquestionable chain of command.’

In January, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi contacted multiple generals to enquire about how the House and Senate could remove or limit former President Donald Trump’s access to the ‘nuclear football.’

Although the retired military vets do not address this point, it is still an important one nonetheless, as this is now the second time this year the Democrats have attempted to undermine the US’ chain of command.

Further points

The retired military vets then go on to address a number of issues that the Biden Administration is seemingly happy to ignore.

They argue against the current politicization of the armed forces, accusing the administration of using the US military as a ‘political pawn’ whilst guarding against a ‘non-existent threat’ at Capitol Hill.

They state that by enforcing ‘politically correct policies’ into the military, the administration is undermining the true mission of the US armed forces, whilst ‘degrading the readiness’ of our troops to fight and win America’s wars, an issue that they argue creates a major national security problem.

The retired military vets then move onto warn about the irregularities of the 2020 election, and the actions that the administration has taken to limit Americans Constitutional rights.

Vets state that, without the ability to hold ‘free and fair elections,’ the Constitutional Republic that Americans know and love will be lost.

They underscore what true election integrity means, and accuse those who call common sense controls such as voter ID racist, as wanting to avoid holding ‘fair and honest elections.’

Our retired vets then argue that included in the President’s 50+ executive orders is the ability to undermine the basic rights and freedoms of all Americans, such as ‘population control orders’ like lockdowns and school and business closures.

They concluded their letter by pleading with the American public to ‘fight back’ against the ideologies that threaten to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic.

Hopefully, President Biden and the Democrats take heed to what these great servicemen have to say, because the American public definitely will, and that may reflect in the upcoming midterms.