A cookware line designed by Chrissy Teigen’s brand Cravings was removed from Target stores.

The well-known retailer dropped all Cravings’ cookware items from its website.

Yet, it is still selling three Cravings’ cookbooks.

The company announced that it decided to withdraw the line at a meeting in December, citing ‘the focus on brands they develop’ as a reason for the decision.

Many sources speculated that the retraction of the famous model’s cookware has to do with the recent allegations against her.

It was revealed this week that Teigen bullied and behaved aggressively toward media personality Courtney Stodden, allegedly even sending her death threats in private messages.

Stodden was reportedly only 16 years old at the time of the incident.

A TMZ source revealed that Teigen’s cookware was removed in April.

The sources from The Sun, however, indicated that Cravings’ product line was removed after the Stodden scandal came out.

TMZ reported that Teigen’s products are, nonetheless, available both on her website and on websites of other retail companies, including some associated with Target.

Many commentators welcomed Target’s decision and called upon other companies to sanction Teigen.

Daily Wire host Candace Owens described Target’s move as a ‘good start’ against someone who tried to persuade other women to kill themselves.

A history of violent behavior

Teigen reportedly told Stodden that she ‘wanted her to die’ and that it would be better if she kills herself.

The private messages were revealed in which the famous model wished that Stodden ‘goes to sleep forever.’

She also wrote that she hates Stodden and suggested that the then-16-years-old ‘looks like an idiot.’

Following the revelation of the scandal, Teigen publicly apologized for her violent behavior toward Stodden.

At the same time, media outlets, such as The Mirror, revealed that Teigen used to target other celebrities in a similar fashion.

Teigen’s other victims involved child actress Quvenzhané Wallis, famous singers Avril Lavigne and Mariah Carey, as well as reality TV personality Farrah Abraham and actresses Tamera Mowry and Lindsay Lohan.

Like those directed at Stodden, some of the messages Teigen sent to these women involved ideas about suicide.