John Kerry, Joe Biden’s current climate czar, has now become the second official in the Biden Administration to publicly admit that pipelines are more efficient means of delivering energy than others.

Kerry is a deeply mediocre man and a time-server who has been involved in politics and held positions in multiple administrations for a very long time. Flagrant hypocrisy over the issue of climate change — wailing about it as an imminent threat while nevertheless proceeding to buy palatial homes and take regular trips around the globe on private jets — is, alas, to be expected of Kerry and his ilk. After all, evidence of hypocrisy and power-lust from those in power only mounts daily.

Still, the admission is a revealing one, for on the rare occasions when political hacks are forced to confront reality, they can say some revealing things.

Kerry Admits That Pipelines Are Efficient

On Wednesday, May 12, Darrel Issa, a Republican Representative from California, asked Kerry point-blank during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing: “Isn’t it true that pipelines are more carbon-delivery-efficient than trains, or trucks or other forms of delivery?”

Kerry, having been caught out, had no choice but to say in response, “Yeah, that is true.” But he immediately proceeded to walk back that statement and make excuses for his overriding desire to deny the obvious.

“I think that is true,” he said, “but it doesn’t mean you necessarily want to be adding another line when there are other alternatives. But is it better than the train and better than that? Yes, it is.”

Of course, basic common sense indicates that this is totally obvious. After all, if you transport oil or other fuel in trains or trucks, what do those trains or trucks run on? Obviously, they use some kind of gasoline, thus severely decreasing the efficiency of that mode of fuel transport.

The “other alternatives” that Kerry alluded to were various kinds of green energy boondoggles, which, despite overwhelming amounts of propaganda delivered in their favor, from the government and elsewhere, are simply unreliable and cannot deliver anything close to the amount of energy output per unit of input that fossil fuels can.

Kerry seriously tried suggesting that we use inefficient methods powered by inefficient energy sources to transport our energy resources around the country. The horrendous spillover effects that this would have on the living standards of Americans everywhere are completely obvious.

One needs only to hearken back to the recent energy disaster in Texas — which occurred because green energy policies in the state distorted the energy market there and shifted too many resources into inefficient and unreliable wind farms, which failed — to see that this is the case.

The day prior to Kerry’s admission, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm also admitted that pipelines are more efficient transportation methods for energy than others.

Add to this the fact that the Biden Administration famously cancelled construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline, and you see a pattern: it really looks as if arrogant and out-of-touch officials like Kerry want to knowingly impose economic strangulation upon ordinary people.