Juliana Mazza, a local reporter for the Boston news station 7NEWS, had an extraordinary stroke of good luck recently.

While sent to report on the kidnapping of a dog, she happened to notice a man walking by who looked suspiciously like a man who had been caught on a surveillance camera kidnapping the dog. What’s more, the dog the man was walking looked suspiciously like the missing pooch.

And so, Mazza sprang into action and solved the mystery — all while her film crew was shooting live!

A Dognapper Caught in Real-Time

On Friday, May 7, a 13-month-old German pointer named Titus was kidnapped in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The brazen thief nabbed the dog right out of a parked car while his owner, Greg Siesczkiewicz, happened to be away.

And although a nearby surveillance camera did happen to catch the thief in the act, since he was wearing a mask at the time, identifying him was not easy.

Since then, Siesczkiewicz had been frantically searching for his missing buddy, and Juliana Mazza had been sent to report on the case.

Right as she was set to go live, the solution to the mystery happened to fall right into her lap. A man walked by with what seemed to be Titus on a leash. Moreover, the man resembled the thief that was caught on surveillance video.

Thinking quickly, Mazza walked up to the man and the dog and said hello on the pretext of wanting to pet the pooch. To confirm her suspicions, she checked the dog’s collar.

She knew that Titus’ collar had Siesczkiewicz’s phone number written on it, so when she found the number there, she knew she had stumbled upon both the dognapper and the missing pup.

She immediately confronted the man with a series of penetrating questions. Where did he find this dog? Why hadn’t he called the number on the collar? The crook tried to justify himself by insisting that this was all just a misunderstanding. But his story kept changing. First, he said that the dog was his. Then, he said that he had mixed Titus up with another dog because he had found him barking in a car. Then, he said that he didn’t call the number because his phone was broken.

Mazza wasn’t having any of it. She immediately called 911. The criminal was arrested. He apologized for his “mistake,” but he now faces larceny charges which carry a fine of more than $1,200. He will also be charged with breaking and entering into a vehicle for the purpose of committing a felony.

Greg Siesczkiewicz, needless to say, was overjoyed. “I’m just glad this person came back, and I’m just glad you guys were there,” he later told 7NEWS.

How amazing! We should all be proud of Juliana Mazza for her moxie and her ability to think on her feet.