The Rolling to Remember motorcycle ride, formally Rolling Thunder until 2019, is a tradition that takes place every year in Washington DC on Memorial Day, dating back to the 80s.

Rolling to Remember is a ride that is taken every year on Memorial Day in order to honor veterans who were missing in action or made prisoners of war.

The event also raises awareness for the mental health of our veterans and veteran suicide.

Initially, President Joe Biden’s Defence Department had denied the AMVETS request for a parking permit in the traditional starting spot of the Pentagon parking lot, due to concerns over Covid safety.

But now, the Rolling to Remember ride is back on!


AMVETS, and the thousands of motorcyclists that attend every year, were left without a starting point for the first time in over 30 years for the event.

A lot of suspicion was raised regarding the decision, as AMVETS had submitted the request in late July of 2020.

The Pentagon was accused of delaying a decision for the permit until they were forced to do so, with Memorial Day approaching in two weeks.

However, there is a savior in Washington DC after all!

Organizers of the event have finally announced a new starting spot for the event, that being at the RFK Stadium, a shy 2 miles away from Capitol Hill. reports that all motorcyclists taking part will be allowed to meet up in Lot 8 of the RFK Stadium’s parking lot from 7 am on May 30th.

The riders will be encouraged to follow social distancing guidelines set out by the CDC, which will involve leaving spaces between the rows of bikes.

A spokesperson for the event explained how difficult it had been to acquire a new starting position, especially after the Pentagon had delayed their decision for months on end.

They explained that they are now planning for an event, which usually takes around a year to prepare, in the space of two weeks.

Thousands are expected to attend this year’s ride through Washington DC, many in joy about the fact that AMVETS found a workaround from the Pentagon’s terrible decision.