Target to Pull Trading Cards from Store Shelves as a Result of Continuing Chaos

Target recently announced that it was pulling its popular trading cards off its shelves indefinitely. The trading card market has caused a frenzy in many Target stores, leading to chaos and attempted violence in some locations. As a result, the corporate office at Target has decided to suspend its trading card sales in stores.

What Cards Are Affected?

According to Target, this suspension of in-store sales affects MLB, NFL, NBA, and Pokémon cards indefinitely. However, Target is quick to point out that customers can still purchase these cards online. The suspension of sales only involves the in-store cards. The enforcement of this decision goes into effect on May 14.

Target has not yet clarified if this in-store ban would apply to cards such as Magic: The Gathering and other types of cards directed to younger kids.

The Issue at Play

Target had been experiencing a host of issues in its stores as customers raced to snatch up cards that were in high demand. The big-box retailer tried a variety of measures to combat the issue, including limiting the number of packs customers could buy at one time and calling in extra security for individuals waiting in line for new releases.

Just last week, a man at a Wisconsin Target pulled out a gun on a group of individuals in the parking lot of the store after an argument erupted over trading cards.

While there were no injuries reported as a result of the incident, the event sent the message to Target that some customers were getting out of control over these cards.