Tom Cruise Reportedly Returns Three Golden Globes as Sign of Protest

The diversity crisis in Hollywood is only intensifying. The latest report is that popular actor Tom Cruise returned his three Golden Globe awards as a sign of protest against the committee that is responsible for the annual ceremony.

What Did Cruise Send Back?

According to a recent report from Deadline, Cruise has sent back his three awards to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). The awards that Cruise reportedly sent back to HFPA include the Best Actor award for his 1990 performance in “Born on the Fourth of July,” the 1997 Best Actor award for the lead role in “Jerry Maguire,” and the Best Supporting Actor award for “Magnolia” in 2000.

HFPA Embroiled in Controversy

HFPA is the organization that oversees the Golden Globes. This group has been embroiled in controversy over allegations that the group does not encourage more diversity. The group is under fire for the revelation that it does not have one single African American member on its committee. Just last week, Netflix said that it would not work with HFPA until it fixed this lack of diversity.

HFPA is also facing controversy due to complaints that it gave payments that were in violation of IRS guidelines to its own members.

A private investigation conducted by the Los Angeles Times found that the non-profit organization regularly gives payments to its members that conflict with IRS rules.

The investigation found that HFPA members received over $2 million in payments through the end of their last fiscal year. This amount was more than twice the money that members received in the three previous years.